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The Engineering Design and Construction Division (ED&C) of AT&T is responsible for design, expansion, renovation, and management of AT&T facilities worldwide. The New Jersey Operations Division of AT&T is responsible for space management and accounting for approximately 16 million square feet of space in New Jersey and New York. Space management for this division was accomplished through the use of Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) systems.

Over a one year period Jordani Consulting Group, was retained to perform an audit and analysis of the use of CAD, CAFM, and other information technologies in the support of the mission of these two organizations. The audit explored the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • AE Consultant Standards
  • Facility Database Management
  • System Operation & Management
  • Software Customization and Development
  • Hardware and Software Utilization
  • Organizing and Staffing
  • Education & Training
  • System Operation & Management
  • CADD Standards Development and Application

At the conclusion of the study, JCG prepared a detailed report of its findings and presented those findings to AT&T management. The results of the study led to staff realignment and reorganization, and subsequent expansion of the CAD and CAFM effort in AT&T.

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