Celebration, FL

In 1994 the Disney Development Company (DDC) broke ground for Celebration, a 4800 acre master planned mixed use development reminiscent of traditional American small towns.

DDC's research with other municipalities indicated the value and future uses for information developed during design and construction. The Celebration Life Cycle Information Model is a concept based on using computers to capture information created during these phases with two goals in mind. Initially, systems will be used during design and construction to coordinate the diverse needs of the consultants and contractors for Celebration. Subsequently, information created during design will support daily operations and maintenance activities once Celebration is occupied. The Celebration Life Cycle Information concept will help DDC achieve Disney's vision for the planned community of tomorrow and will act as a model for the use of computer technology in similar scenarios.

Recognizing this opportunity, the Disney Development Company retained Jordani Consulting Group to perform a two part study to determine how DDC could best use information technology to help manage the design, development, and operation of the Celebration Development Project and life cycle management.

The first part of the study involved analysis of the existing systems, procedures, and standards used by DDC. JCG developed a report recommending specific actions and management strategies to coordinate the variety of architects, engineers, planners, and government officials who will be using computers to access, modify, and deliver thousands of documents over the course of the development process. Many of those recommendations are now being implemented.

The second phase involved analysis of the long term potential for using information technology to benefit the residents and managers of Celebration. JCG identified the qualitative and economic benefits of capturing information during design to support municipal management, school districting, tax assessment, and provide information to improve the quality of life in Celebration.

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