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Marvin Windows and Doors ( wanted software that was more than just CAD symbols. The Jordani Consulting Group (JCG), as a joint venture partner of the Strategic Systems Group Venture, participated in the writing of the design specification, and the development of the Marvin Design System (MDS).

The MDS is a state-of-the art product design and specification system that goes far beyond simple electronic catalogs. The MDS reflects the "made to order" business philosophy of Marvin, allowing a designer to create any window that Marvin can manufacture. The system provides electronic product information for the entire design team that is intuitive and easy to use. MDS sets the benchmark for a new generation of product manufacturer's software.

"The Marvin Design System makes the selection and creation of custom units just as simple as standard units -- this is truly a design system" said Jeff Scheving, Manager of Marvin's Architectural Support Division. "By speeding the design process through simplified steps and providing the contractor with the information needed -- consistent, accurate, detailed CADD drawings, construction details and guide specifications -- we are helping our customer meet the ultimate goal of building the structure correctly, on time and within budget," said Scheving. The new MDS relies on advanced rulebase technology to provide that flexibility and much more.

Acting as a "resident in-house sales representative", the MDS provides plans, elevations, details, and 3D views of Marvin's product line. Full specifications can be created reflecting the characteristics of the specific unit that has been selected. MDS is designed to work with AutoCAD and also runs independently with MS-Windows for those who do not have access to a CAD system. Additionally, MDS provides capabilities to export drawings to other popular CAD systems.

In 1994, MDS won the Windows World Open in its category, Wholesale/Retail/ Distribution. The Windows World Open is a competition which recognizes the developers of innovative custom applications, based on Microsoft Windows, that provide an effective solution to a business or organizational problem. Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, presented Marvin and SSGV with the award at the Windows World trade show in Atlanta.

David A. Jordani (, FAIA, president of the Jordani Consulting Group, Minneapolis, MN, is the Managing Partner for the Strategic Systems Group Venture. In addition, SSGV includes McTeer Systems Inc. (, Minneapolis, MN and The Premisys Corporation (, Chicago, IL. The Marvin Design System is one of a series of Product Specification and Selection Database efforts from the SSGV team.

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