August 1999
University of Wisconsin Professional Development Seminars
Durango / Purgatory, Colorado

CAFM and CAD Workshops:

Developing and Automating Effective Facilities Management Operations

Effective CADD Production and Information Management

From its inception in 1985, JCG has delivered professional development and continuing education programs to thousands of facility managers, building owners, and design and construction industry professionals. The annual Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) seminars in the mountains of Colorado are among the most highly regarded educational programs in the industry. Each of the weeklong course includes lectures, workshops and hands-on technology demonstrations. The programs are taught annually under the auspices of the University of Wisconsin Professional Development program and rank as the highest rated seminars for the University.

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University of Wisconsin '98 Group 1998 conference attendees enjoyed an evening dinner and tour of the Animas Forks ghost town nestled among the 14,000 foot peaks of the San Jan mountains.

Developing and Automating Effective Facilities Management Operations

Facilities Management has become a major functional area of responsibility for managing our built environment. The increasing percentage of dollars being invested in facilities and equipment causes many organizations to take steps in managing investments and operations. More effective management of the built environment can provide financial returns unrealized in the past.

To enable organizations to gain control over operations and performance, many state-of-the-art tools and techniques have been developed. Breakthroughs in automation have allowed organizations to track activities, events, problem areas, space utilization, and building maintenance items that require operational attention on a frequent basis. Informational data systems can now provide valuable records on systems performance that can be used to monitor the built environment.

The Facilities Management Program has been designed to train "present" and "future" managers of the constructed work and living environment. New techniques and automation systems will be explored to determine the best applications and potential expectations. Steps to formulating a successful Facilities Management plan-and-implementation program will provide participants with current technologies for achieving success.

  • Identify current technologies for application in facilities management
  • Explore automation systems applicable for managing facilities operations
  • Determine what makes a facilities management plan successful
  • Structure standards and guidelines essential to the success of facilities management
  • Develop effective communication linkages for collecting valuable operational data

This program focuses on ways of creating a cost-effective facilities management plan for the 21st century. The sessions will study:

Current technologies available for developing FM programs
  • Application of automated systems
  • Successful facility management programs
  • Developing effective standards and guidelines
  • Selecting and developing operational staff
  • Linking space utilization and facility maintenance operations
This program is designed for facility managers "present" and "future" who represent organizations responsible for the built environment. Architects, engineers, facility managers, and building owner representatives from private and government departments will find the sessions appropriate for their career development.

Real estate development and property management representatives also can fulfill their educational goals. Individuals and organizations developing facility management programs will gain valuable concepts for creating innovative operational plans.

Effective CADD Production and Information Management

New issues in the workplace are quickly emerging with the development of computer technology. As more and more organizations bring on computer systems, the need to understand the impact of using CADD systems is growing. For many organizations, the computer has helped to increase workflow and as a result created the need for more effective planning and production management. These new responsibilities are growing rapidly as more organizations move to automation.

Most organizations that recognize the challenge of this new role are learning the "management system" through an experiential process. Since little is written on this new field, it is difficult for the newcomer to gain needed training except through hands-on experience. This method can be both costly and time consuming and leaves many decisions to chance.

Our updated program has been developed for the "present" and "future" CADD production manager to increase the knowledge base necessary for effective decision making and creative management.

  • To provide the opportunity to explore workable management techniques
  • To learn from the experiences of other organizations
  • To develop guidelines and procedures for creative problem solving
  • To exchange ideas and information generated in the computer field
  • To explore new concepts in managing technology changes and human performance
This program is designed for "present" and "future" production managers working in: architectural and engineering offices, construction companies, specialized design and construction operations, facilities management and military departments, service bureaus, highway and transportation departments, utility companies, manufacturing, owner and user organizations, and regulatory or government agencies.

Presentation Format
A combination of lectures, workshops, and group discussion sessions will be used to communicate effective applications and management techniques. Common management problems will be analyzed to demonstrate successful solutions. Software applications will be identified and explored for participant use.

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